New Documentary: Dr. Clark Legacy

Brennan Hubbell, an accomplished documentary filmmaker, is in the process of creating a documentary film about Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s work and legacy. New Century Press will distribute this documentary film. You will gain many insights and see amazing results documented. The video focuses on gathering stories from people and healthcare professionals.

Please help today by going to www.indiegogo.com– and make a donation. Brennan’s goal is to raise $11,000 within 60 days on www.indiegogo.com –The campaign starts September 4, 2012..

For a minimum $20 donation you will receive a PRIORITY COPY of the 1st available release.Other incentives will be available to you depending on the amount you contribute.

Generous donations will be mentioned in the credits. High-level donations receive all of Dr. Clark’s books in paper and easily searchable electronic form and more. Check out the rewards by clicking here, you will be brought over to our page on Indiegogo.

If you have a testimonial you want to share, please click here.

Please don’t hesitate contributing to this project! … and Thank You.

A letter to You from Brennan Hubbell
Creator and Director of the documentary “Dr. Clark Legacy”

Last Year I began recording testimonials from people who have cured themselves of the worst kinds of diseases.

For a Cancer patient, trying a natural cure is often a last ditch effort when chemo, radiation and surgery have failed. Some people are able to turn their health around even when doctors tell them there is nothing else they can do for them.  Before I began recording these testimonials I did not realize the David and Goliath scale of the survivors’ struggles. Most of the voices heard in contemporary culture tell us that a diagnosis of cancer is a death sentence. It is time to hear from the people who do survive. Your participation on Indiegogo will make it possible. There are many survivors to interview. It is important for people recently diagnosed with cancer to hear from people who have been in their situation and have survived.

Hulda Regehr Clark drew worldwide attention to her work, when she published her series of books including titles such as: “A Cure for All Cancers” “A Cure for HIV and Aids” and “A Cure for All Diseases.” Such broadly reaching claims appose popular fears that these diseases and many more, have no true cure. Both cancer and AIDS can progress and take a person’s life so quickly, yet there are people who survive. Some people turn their situation around and live many years past their doctors’ predictions.

These survival stories are remarkable. Help contribute towards the legacy of SURVIVORS. Stories of grapefruit sized tumors and disfigurements shrinking away in weeks. We only have 60 days to make this DVD a reality by clicking here www.indiegogo.com – Please don’t hesitate to support this film, in the spirit of survival.

Thank you,

Brennan Hubbell

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