The lower abdomen on the right side has the valve that separates the small intestine (ileum) from the large intestine (caecum) called the ileocaecal valve. It is a common trouble spot because large parasites can attach themselves behind it and keep themselves safe from elimination. Continue reading “Appendicitis”

Stomach Pain

Our dairy foods are polluted with Salmonella and Shigella bacteria. It is impossible to operate a dairy without getting some cow manure into the milk. Although udder wash contains antiseptic it does not kill all
manure bacteria. Continue reading “Stomach Pain”

Lower Abdominal Pain

The lower abdomen on the left side has the sigmoid colon as it comes down and bends. This is a favorite location for larger parasites to settle permanently. Flukes, roundworms, parasites of all kinds and their attendant bacteria and viruses can be felt if they produce gas and pain. Sometimes they live perfectly quietly, seemingly in harmony with us.

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