Finger Pain

This is pain in a joint, often accompanied by some enlargement or knobbyness of the joint. It is not hard to recognize these as deposits of the same kind as we saw in the toes. You can test yourself to identify the variety. Continue reading “Finger Pain”

Thumb Pain and Hand Pain

Thumb Pain and Hand Pain can be due to liver parasites. Get yourself ready for a liver cleanse. If the pain goes away beforehand, while you are on the kidney cleanse, it shows you had deposits in your joints. You
were headed for arthritis in your hands. Read the information on arthritis (page 78) to protect yourself.

Wrist Pain

Tendons passing through the wrist can become inflamed from the unnatural chemicals produced by fluke parasites in the liver. Using the wrists to work further traumatizes them (injures them) making it harder for them to heal. A small hole between the tendons lets the nerve and blood vessels through into the hand. Continue reading “Wrist Pain”

Elbow Pain

One variety of elbow pain is due to an inflamed tendon there; it is sometimes called “tennis elbow.” It is not due to playing tennis or any other arm use. The inflammation is caused by a liver full of stones and parasites, especially flukes which manufacture a chemical that affects tendons. Continue reading “Elbow Pain”

Upper Arm Pain

Excruciating pain in the upper arm soft tissues can keep your arm hanging straight down for fear of worsening it with motion.

Magnets of high strength (2×5000 gauss) taped to your arm, under your sleeve, can get you through the day. Also try valerian capsules (6 capsules four times a day). Go off all fat in the diet to let the spasm subside. Then start your liver cleanse at 6 p.m. If you used pain killer drugs during the day, the cleanse may not yield anything but it’s worth a try anyway. You might be lucky and pop out the chief culprit stone. If not, you should wait several days before trying again; this time avoid pain killers the day of the cleanse. Be sure to zap parasites the day before or earlier.

Continue reading “Upper Arm Pain”

Upper Back Pain

The main pain may be a dull ache over a shoulder blade, or between the shoulder blades or running right through you from the front to the back of the chest. These are all gallstone pains coming from the liver! Get yourself ready to clean them out. Clean the kidneys first, kill all the parasites that might be residing in the bile ducts and blocking them Continue reading “Upper Back Pain”

Chest Pain

When there is a tightness or just a little pain at the middle of the chest, especially under the breastbone, you may be merely having an allergic reaction. You might be feeling little spasms coming from the esophagus, and reaching up toward the throat from gallstones. You might also have HIV/AIDS disease which has a similar symptom over the sternum. So it is very important to pay attention to even a minor symptom in the chest.

Continue reading “Chest Pain”

Slow Pulse/Syncope (Passing Out)

Mason Heckler, 30s, was a mechanic by trade and could not afford to pass out on the job. Yet, it had been happening off and on for 10 years. He had acquired high blood pressure in his teens! This was
soon followed by an extremely slow pulse (50 beats/mm). No medicine worked (he had been tried on many) so he was on none. Then he got high blood pressure, it was 160/80 currently. He also had constant chest pain around the left nipple. He had heartworm and was started on the herbal parasite program. He never had a dog. In five weeks his pulse was 72; the parasite was gone. I presume his syncopes were due to sudden blood pressure changes or missing a few heart beats in a row. He began the kidney cleanse next to lower his blood pressure.

Heart Pain

Pain over the heart region is usually quite real, even though an EKG does not find any abnormality. The most common cause is Dirofilaria, heartworm of dogs. It often begins as a pain just above the heart but spreads itself over the whole heart region. Kill it with your zapper. Continue reading “Heart Pain”