Breast Lumps

Breast lumps may or may not be painful. If you feel one, don’t wait to be more certain, don’t wait to analyze it with tests, don’t wait for a doctor’s diagnosis or a mammogram. Obtain a frequency generator or zapper and zap yourself immediately. Also do the herbal parasite program immediately (page 338).

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Breast Pain

Although lumps and cancer in the breast produce no pain, they sometimes do give you little warning twinges. These twinges cross into the breast from the armpit or from any direction. It is gone in a second, leading one to believe it couldn’t be serious. If the breast has any unusual sensations, painful or not, investigate immediately.

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Hiatal Hernia

hiatal hernia
When bacteria have spread to the diaphragm and weakened it, along with the upperstomach valve, food is allowed to get pushed up right through the diaphragm. Pressure in the abdomen from overeating or sitting in an easy chair pushes it up. Walk after eating. Empty the stomach before going to bed. Don’t sit in recliners. Very many of us, about 25%, have a small hiatal hernia. It only hurts if it is inflamed. Work at clearing the inflammation first, to get pain relief. In time, the area will strengthen and the hernia itself may get smaller.

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Stomach Ulcer

Often, such an ulcer is painless. You are, therefore, not alerted to the parasites’ presence until
they have established themselves in good hiding places. Taking antacids, of course, works in their favor. The solution for both stomach pain and stomach ulcers is to kill parasites and bacteria, followed by dental and liver clean ups. One very common toxin that accumulates in the stomach is the pesticide arsenic. You inhale it right along with the flies and roaches you may be trying to kill with arsenic-laced pesticides.

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Midabdomen Pain, Stomach Pain

The colon crosses over from your right side to the left side at the midabdomen. This is also the location for the bile duct to join your small intestine. Most midabdomen pain comes from either the colon or the bile duct connections. Kill parasites and bacteria by zapping or with the herbal recipe. Improve your digestion with diet clean up (off moldy food, boil dairy products). Sometimes the midabdomen pain stems from the stomach itself.
The valves at the top and bottom of the stomach are meant to keep the food in. The valve at the top where the stomach joins the esophagus is a favorite location for bacteria.

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Side Pain

Pain on the right side can come from problems at the ileocaecal valve or the appendix or the large intestine itself. It can also come from the liver which is higher up but is sending its pain message to your side. Pursue it as an intestinal problem first, killing parasites and bacteria and normalizing bowel movements with the Bowel Program. If the pain persists, especially if it reaches up the side to the middle of the waist, it is probably due to the liver.

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Prostate Problems

If urination is not complete, so you must soon go again, especially in the night, it is suggestive of pressure on the urethra from an enlarged prostate gland. Keeping a little urine from being voided is conducive to bladder and kidney infection, too, because bacteria soon find this “free food.”

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