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Anthony Stephens Parotid Gland Cancer

Anthony Stephens, sixty-nine, had a lump that measured 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 in., outer dimensions, on the right side of his face, at the angle of the jaw just in front of the ear lobe. It was a tumor of the parotid gland, one of our salivary glands. At first it was thought to be a dental abscess. But an oral surgeon thought it was a tumor and referred him back to his doctor. Such tumors are notorious for growing right back after they are removed. His MRI dated September 5, shows it clearly.
Parotid tumor
Parotid tumor, Sept. 5.
He decided not to get it biopsied and surgically removed. So by the time he arrived, he had already been on the parasite killing, isopropyl alcohol-free regimen for seven weeks. He was also on the “macrobiotic diet.” And, indeed, when he arrived in Mexico he tested Negative for isopropyl alcohol and ortho-phospho-tyrosine (malignancy). But why didn’t the tumor shrink during these weeks? The answer will be clearer as we follow his progress.
He arrived on October 2. His toxin test was done the first day after arrival. Promptness in testing for home toxins is essential because toxins disappear from the body quickly, in days! It showed the following at the “whole body”: Negative for isopropyl alcohol, wood alcohol, benzene, xylene, arsenic, aluminum, asbestos, nickel, cobalt, thallium and patulin. Copper was Negative in general, but Positive when I checked the parotid. Toxins present were cadmium, formaldehyde, lead, beryllium, mercury, and CFCs. The pathogen picture was worse. Negative for two species of salmonella, but Positive for Salmonella typhimurium, one shigella, staphylococcus, and E. coli. In addition he was tested for seven common fungus varieties; he was Positive for five, including Aspergillus, in his parotid gland.
He was also Positive for fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and fibronectin at the parotid, made by Fasciola stages (not Fasciolopsis) and bacteria.
We started with an intensive bacteria killing program in the intestine. He was given Lugol’s iodine to take 4 times a day to kill salmonella, as well as
the Bowel Program. And, of course, he would continue with the parasite program, both herbal and zapping.
He was given cysteine, taurine, and methionine to detoxify formaldehyde buildup. He was started on the freon removal program, and instructed to reduce bacterial and fungal growth in the intestine with a series of daily enemas. It consisted of I quart very warm water with 4 tsp. black walnut tincture extra strength added. At the same time, he would take 1 tsp. by mouth in water. This would kill the parasites hidden in the intestinal contents.
His blood test showed very little damage yet, either from the tumor or from the toxins causing the tumor.
His blood sugar was much too low (62), and T.p. was too high. This was the beginning evidence for cobalt and vanadium toxicity. Even tiny amounts of these, not even detected at the initial “whole body” test would, nevertheless, seek out the vital organs.
Tumors of the mouth and throat can be very swift and so disfiguring! It was reassuring to see his triglycerides and cholesterol high enough to see him safely through this ordeal.
Anthony was meticulous with his total program even while away for the next twelve days. Upon his return, the parotid tumor was already shrinking and actually draining on the inside. He had not started dental work yet! Just killing bacteria, parasites, and fungus evidently was enough. He could stop the enema routine and simply take the parasite herbs once a week.
Again he had to leave, this time for four weeks, returning November 15. The parotid tumor could no longer be seen. His cheek was flat. Most of the dental metal was out-but not all of it-and replaced with plastic. He was Negative, now, for Staphylococcus aureus, dental bacteria. He tested Negative consistently for isopropyl alcohol, benzene, and wood alcohol. He received no IV therapy or extra supplements. Evidently, getting rid of bacteria in his mouth and reducing those in the intestine had empowered his immune system to clean it all up again.
Three weeks later he returned again to relate how he had passed a tape worm of the long variety common in horses and cattle. It was after taking Rascal, a popular anti-tapeworm herbal mixture. We immediately tried to ,’mop up” after it with 8 tsp. of black walnut tincture extra strength since the scolex can be very hard to kill. This was followed by 3 niacinamide tablets, (500 mg each) then another dose of 8 tsp. black walnut tincture extra strength followed by zapping. We feared the scolex was still present somewhere. He then left for three months, taking his new lifestyle with him.

Oct. next year. Lump used to stick out 2 cm on R.
On March 6 of the next year he returned for a follow-up. His face looked perfectly normal, but malonic acid was Positive at the parotid gland. By now we were using coenzyme Q1O to kill buried tapeworm stages; he required 5 grams. He was also given glutathione for one week. After this he felt noticeably better, although he had not felt ill before. Malonate was now Negative at the parotid gland. He left for home.
By September, we were aware of the presence of malonic and maleic acids in dental plastic. We let him know he was at risk from his new plastic fillings. He hurried back in October. His toxin test now showed he had not only malonic acid buildup, but benzene, isopropyl alcohol, wood alcohol, E. coli, shigella, asbestos, cadmium, cobalt, mercury, vanadium, and aflatoxin! But staphylococcus and clostridium were missing due to his earlier dental cleanup; this probably saved him from a recurrence of his parotid tumor. He arrived October 1O, still with a perfectly smooth contour to his face.
He had 17 plastic fillings in his mouth to be tested. Three of these were Positive for copper, cobalt, vanadium, and malonates. (We did not suspect carcinogenic dyes yet.) We determined this by filing each tooth with an emery board, then testing the emery board electronically. His blood test of October 10 reflects the new toxins in his mouth, carried for one year.
The red blood cell level is now higher than before switching to plastic, showing that his body is now deprived of oxygen due to cobalt and vanadium toxicity. He was also making too many white blood cells (11,800). Calcium had begun to drop due to toxins in the parathyroid gland. And the phosphorus level was now too low. The iron level was also dropping.
His 3 toxic plastic fillings were replaced.

Summary: Before leaving this time, he agreed to pose for our camera with his beautifully flat cheeks.
This may still not be the final step to be taken for Anthony, but he understands the power of nature and the feebleness of research or medicine and may act in time. We wish him well.
Post Script from Anthony, December 4.
“The next routine appointment with my regular, allopathic doctor produced this exchange: Dr.: ‘Did you have surgery?’ Anthony: ‘No, I did not want surgery so I went offshore, alternative.’ He dropped the subject and we moved on to other matters.” We also received a letter a year later, and again almost a year after that reassuring us that there had been no recurrence.

Anthony Stephens 10/3 10/10 next year
RBC 4.4 5.32
WBC 9,000 11,800
PLT 293
glucose 62 89
BUN 20 15
creatine 0.9 1.0
sodium 143 138
potassium 4.1 4.0
chloride 105 105
calcium 9.3 9.0
phosphorus 4.3 2.6
T.p. 7.8 6.9
albumin 4.8 4.7
globulin 3.0 2.2
T.b. 0.7 0.6
alk phos 70 71
LDH 157 149
GGT 31
AST (SGOT) 21 19
ALT (SGPT) 29 1.0
uric acid 5.5 4.4
iron 97 69
triglycerides 178 212
cholesterol 272 224

Irene Bambrough Liver Cancer

Irene Bambrough, sixty-two, was the perfect example of a lucky patient. Her liver cancer had been diagnosed in August 1995, so she had put herself on the drop-routine for the BWT parasite program and the kidney herb recipe. She left her home in a northern climate to stay with a friend in Arizona who had plastic water pipes. (This is probably what saved her life.) When she arrived at our clinic from Arizona, her initial toxin test was already Negative for isopropyl alcohol, CFC’S, and copper, though she still had copper at the liver. She was off to a good start, but was still Positive for fiberglass, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, patulin, aflatoxin (very high), and salmonella bacteria.
She wore full dentures. (This is probably what saved her life again.)
On the day she arrived, November 24, she was given these instructions:
(1)change her metal glass frames to solid plastic-no metal, and washed carefully before wearing them. (2) Use no hygiene products from the drugstore, such as band aids or cotton swabs. These have mercury and thallium residues. (At that time we did not suspect leftover bits of amalgam in her jawbone as a source of mercury and thallium or other metals; in retrospect, such tattoos were the probable source of her thallium.) (3) Take Lugol’s for Salmonella, four times a day as written in the cancer program. (4) Take black walnut tincture extra strength, 2 tsp. daily in a 1/2 glass of water; (sip it) for 4 days. Then zap. Also, take 7 cloves and 7 wormwood capsules the first day. (5) Get a blood test. (6) Get an ultrasound of the liver.
On November 28, she returned. She had accomplished everything without help! We reviewed her blood test. Besides her anemia and her extremely high white blood cell count (15,800), her liver enzymes were too high, especially the GGT. Her LDH was somewhat elevated indicating tumor activity, as was the alkaline phosphatase (both due to dyes). Her triglycerides and cholesterol were rather low, showing she was losing her good nutritional status. Calcium was ominously high at 10.5, showing there was a problem in her thyroid gland. The high potassium level was further evidence.
Indeed, she had been born with a cyst on her thyroid gland and had part of it removed. She also had radium treatment for it. Now she was on Synthroid tablets daily. (Her third piece of luck was that her thyroid tablets were not polluted with isopropyl alcohol.) She was started on the freon removal program. She was given coenzyme QIO to kill tapeworm cysts or other stages that inhabit every tumor. The plan was to search for surviving tapeworm stages the next day. She was also given silymarin tablets to improve her liver function. She was scheduled for three IVs a day, containing glycyrrhizin, laetrile, and vitamin C (50 gm daily). The next day, the surviving tapeworm stages in the liver were searched for from a set of 33 slides. She still had: Taenia solium cysticercus, Taenia solium eggs, Diphyllobothrium erinacea, Moniezia expansa eggs, and Taenia solium scolex.Evidently coenzyme Q IO was not effective, at least not at this dose. We decided to go back to our previous tapeworm treatment, a big dose of black walnut tincture extra strength. She was given 8 tsp. in water, sipped in 1/2 hour, and another 8 tsp. two hours later.The next day, November 30, she was tested for tapeworm stages again. Four out of the five tested Negative now (the fifth, Taenia solium cysticercus was omitted in the test; this slide was temporarily mislaid). She had also gotten rid of her aflatoxin by avoiding all grains in her diet and eating no nuts.

 Irene Bambrough Liver Cancer tumor ultrasoundNov. 27 ultrasound of R and L liver lobes

She missed more days — precious IV days. Arriving on December 4 she was tested again; all tapeworm stages were still Negative. Aflatoxin was still Negative. Even copper was now gone from her liver, although no EDTA was used in her IV to chelate it out.
We discussed her liver ultrasound done on November 27. It was abysmally bad. There were tumors strewn about like trash on a windy day. There was no way to count them. Yet she smiled blithely as we spoke about them. The radiologist simply described them as “multiple liver metastases.” Only two were measured in each lobe. Why couldn’t she take our program more seriously? It would be a certain fatality. Should I send her to a different cancer doctor, one who would frighten her with threats and vivid descriptions of what it’s like to die of cancer? Tubes everywhere, pain in spite of morphine, a distended belly, no appetite, etc. I decided against it, for a few more days. Other doctors would manage to keep her more dutifully getting her IVs, but the same IVs would be polluted with isopropyl alcohol and E. coli — the risk seemed greater than the benefit.
I concluded (wrongly) that she must still have a tapeworm stage, but not a variety I had tested for. She was given another two sets of black walnut tincture extra strength, 8 tsp. each, one hour apart. (This was her fourth piece of good luck; in our ignorance we maximized her treatment, instead of minimizing it.) Then she zapped. She was perfectly cheerful about this, without a snippet of a complaint about the taste or the cost. With equal cheerfulness, she announced she was leaving in a few days for home!

Dec. 7 R and L liver lobes with no tumors

Dec. 7 R and L liver lobes with no tumors
We quickly taped the negatives onto the windows for all of us to review. There was nothing that could be identified as a tumor. The texture was bad. Possibly a CT scan of the liver would have shown more detail. But the overriding truth was she had made tremendous improvements in the past two weeks and would survive. She could count on living again. How did it happen? She had missed most of her IVs, and taken very few supplements. (Nor did she observe a malonate-free diet because we didn’t know there was malonic acid in food at that time.)
But her husband had a new refrigerator for her for Christmas, all fiberglass was sealed up tightly, the water pipes had been changed — it was a case of true love.
A new blood test rewarded her for her family’s efforts. The RBC and WBC were now perfect! The liver enzymes had improved! But LDH had crept up to 238. Did this reflect new tumor activity or the burden on the liver from opening tumors (releasing their Sudan Black and lanthanides)? The tell tale sign of aflatoxin was present in the bilirubin.
It too, had just passed the 1.0 mark. We carefully warned her about moldy food. The calcium level had dropped, iron had risen, and potassium was normal again.
And she was obviously much better nourished, judging by the triglycerides and cholesterol. But we had mislaid her file and had nothing to compare her results with as we reviewed her blood test. We couldn’t make a strong case for her staying longer for more treatment. And she was off again to care for her home and family. She had made a success story out of an imminent tragedy.

Irene Bambrough 11/27 1/24
RBC 3.96 4.64
WBC 15,800 6,300
PLT 166 188
glucose 83 102
BUN 16 13
creatine 0.7 0.1
AST (SGOT) 65 55
ALT (SGTP) 59 50
LDH 209 238
GGT 409 332
T.b. 0.6 1.2
alk phos 120 129
T.p. 4.8 4.7
globulin 3.0 2.2
T.b. 6.5 6.5
albumin 4.0 4.3
globulin 4.0 4.3
uric acid 3.6 3.4
calcium 10.5 8.9
phosphorus 3.2 2.8
chloride 109 107
triglycerides 80 258
cholesterol 128 146

Jennifer Pinney Breast Cancer

Jennifer Pinney, a young mural artist of considerable note, offered the clinic some of her paintings in exchange for service. Two months earlier she had discovered a rather large lump in her right breast. It was 3 inches in diameter right under the center. She had already been on the herbal parasite program for five weeks when she arrived so she was free of malignancy (ortho-phospho-tyrosine), but still tested Positive for isopropyl alcohol, which would prevent the tumor from shrinking. She was also Positive for asbestos, copper, cobalt, PCB, patulin, arsenic, chlorine, mercury, thallium, Staphylococcus a reuv. These were “whole body” tests with no tissue slide in the circuit, reflecting on her rather high “systemic” levels of these toxins.
There were numerous bacteria in the breast, too. She was switched to the new parasite program, which uses 2 tsp. of black walnut tincture extra strength instead of the earlier “drop” recipe she had started herself on. She was to begin zapping, also. And stop wearing a regular bra (only the athletic variety) to improve lymphatic drainage under the breasts.

tumor evidence

Jennifer Pinney 11/27 2/1 Results
RBC 5.05 5.09 No change. Probably still cobalt as before.
WBC 12,100 7,600 Many fewer bacteria, since tumor is smaller.
BUN 10.0 9.0 Urea formation is further inhibited.
creatine 0.6 0.7 Still too low.
AST 28 19 All liver enzymes (AST, ALT, GGT) are improved.
ALT 33 16
GGT 11 9.0
LDH 202 135 Liver is healthyer, can metabolize lactic acid now (Sudan Black B is gone.)
alk phos 62 59 Same as above.
albumin 5.2 4.7 This is now normal in spite of continued cobalt toxicity.
uric acid 3.2 1.5 There is a severe lack of glutamine(as well as ongoing Clostridium infection and purine shortage)
calcium 10.4 (8.4-10.4) 8.5 The problem has shifted from the thyroid to the parathyroids, resulting in too low calcium.
iron 92 119 Perfect each time. Not being affected by copper or germanium yet.
potassium 5.0 4.3 It has returned to normal. Thyroid is functioning better. There is less inhibition of the potassium pumps.

She was to go off the isopropyl alcohol list, stop using pesticide and bleach, change her refrigerator to a non-freon variety, and start the freon removal program even though freon tested Negative on her “whole body” test. My experience had been that we always found it present at the tumor site, even when it is absent in the systemic test. She said that three air conditioner failures had occurred in the past summer, implying that freon had escaped into her air space and she breathed it up. She believed that her water pipes at home were plastic, not copper, but she would bring in a water sample next time she arrived for follow up.
She was to stop using detergent or washing soda (which now also has cobalt) and arrange for removal of metal from her teeth. She was to use Lugol’s iodine daily to prevent salmonella species from getting into the breast, although they did not show up at the “whole body” test.
A blood test was scheduled, but she could not wait for the results. Work necessitated her return; she stated she had only come to assess our capability of curing her cancer. Her ultrasound of breast did not get done. The blood test results were back the next day. A single glance reveals the toxic effect of either cobalt or vanadium, the RBC is much too high; a check of the initial toxin test (above) revealed cobalt was Positive. And the WBC was also much too high showing an intense bacterial infection somewhere. Albumin was elevated, another cobalt effect. LDH was somewhat elevated showing liver toxicity (actually Sudan Black dye).
Also, there was a toxin in the thyroid, allowing the calcium to be too high; this could be due to cobalt, copper, or any other toxic substance. Creatinine was much too low, implying poor ability to make this compound or a high excretion rate, both typical of cancer.
Liver function tests (AST, ALT, GGT) were good, as was alkaline phosphatase. Uric acid was probably “masked”, hiding the true disturbances.
The potassium level was too high, implying inability of the tissue cells to absorb it. This usually reflects on the thyroid, which we already see is malfunctioning (high calcium), but it could also mean that malonic acid is directly or indirectly inhibiting potassium uptake by the potassium pumps of cells.
So the tumorous process was, indeed, underway. How would she stop it, all by herself, without our guidance in a distant place? We underestimated her determination.
Two months later she returned with a much smaller lump. She had achieved a lot on her own. But she wanted it all gone. This time she was willing to stay three weeks. An ultrasound showed a tumor, 3.6 x 3.0 x 2.1 cm (3.0 was the depth).
It was palpable, meaning you could feel it quite easily. In fact, the radiologist thought it was merely a cyst now and could be drained. Jennifer declined.
She was now Positive for Salmonella–she had run out of Lugol’s and was unable to get it locally. She was also Positive for formaldehyde, zirconium, aflatoxin, copper, and patulin.
Her patulin was particularly high, so that tumor necrosis factor (TNF) the body’s own tumor shrinker, was missing. Copper was especially high, too. She was started immediately on an EDTA IV to pull it out, together with DMSO, vitamin C, and magnesium. She also had benzene toxicity for which she was given vitamin B2. It was easy to see why the tumor could not shrink further.
A new test was done. A glance at the RBC shows she is still toxic with either cobalt or vanadium. We will compare the two tests, item by item.
She was given glutamine as a supplement. Also calcium and hydrochloric acid, 10 drops of a 5% solution at meals twice a day. She was started on glutathione 500 mg., three times a day and
coenzyme Q IO, 3 gm every fourth day for a total of 5 doses. This would give her oxidizing power to kill pathogens, bum up their poisonous amines, and help accelerate the Krebs respiration cycle.
She was also taken off fruit in her diet to quickly eliminate patulin. It was gone in a few days and now her TNF tested Positive. She could begin shrinking her own tumor. She began to do her dental work.
In two weeks all toxins were testing Negative. Her breast lump was smaller to touch. She was no longer feeling twinges going to the breast. Only Staphylococcus and Shigella continued to test Positive at the breast and parathyroids.
A new blood test (Feb. 7), reflected on the removal of heavy metals; the RBC was finally normal.
But the LDH had risen just enough (over 160) to suggest a tiny bit of tumor activity again. What was happening? What was new? Dental work! (We were not aware how the new plastic dentalware could put azo dye right back into her mouth permanently. And cobalt, vanadium, malonic acid, and copper, too.) Would all her gains by avoiding toxins be lost in a sudden introduction of them by dental work? Kidney function continued to be hindered and albumin was again too high. But the calcium had come up, so I knew the parathyroids were now functioning better.
By the next week, she was still in the middle of dental work. The entire breast had now visibly shrunk and looked perfectly normal. Her IVs were stopped and a new blood test done (Feb. 13). The LDH was, gratifyingly, back down and liver enzymes, too. But albumin was not yet normal; was there still some old cobalt in bits of forgotten amalgam (or was it new cobalt freshly put in her mouth)?
She was given evening primrose oil and a selenium supplement. Salmonella continued to plague her. So she stopped using all dairy products. Then she accidentally picked up isopropyl alcohol and benzene during a weekend visit to friends. They appeared again in the breast. The breast was twinging, too, to tell her so. But patulin was not back so she continued to produce TNF and continued shrinking the tumor.
The third week was ending. A blood test and ultrasound were ordered.
The blood test was too beautiful to read without emotion as it was compared to her first one. Tumor activity (LDH) was even below the level of security. Albumin, and calcium were normal, as was potassium and the RBC. Only the low BUN and creatinine told the secret of malonate toxicity while low uric acid told of Clostridium infection.
The ultrasound showed what we felt and knew to be true. The breast was softer, less fibrous. The size of the tumor was down to 3.05 x 2.15 cm; it was obviously benign now to the radiologist’s eye.
Raw flaxseed was added to her diet before going home. She could soak it for five minutes to make it chewy rather than hard. This would substitute for evening primrose oil which would always be processed.

Summary: Has she kept her new state of health or will the new dental plastic sabotage her gains? We got her murals, they decorate our walls with inspiration and joy.

Jennifer Pinney 11/27 2/1 2/7 2/13 2/20
RBC 5.05 5.09 4.53 4.38 4.36
WBC 12100 7600 8700 7400 7700
PLT 331 395 315 319 280
glucose 95 135 90 94 78
BUN 10.0 9.0 10.0 10.0 7
creatine 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.7 0.7
AST (SGOT) 28 19 26 24 18
ALT (SGPT) 33 16 28 18 16
LDH 202 135 169 132 121
GGT 11 9.0 17 7 12
T.b. 0.6 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.6
alk phos 62 59 83 62 70
T.p. 7.5 6.7 7.2 7.1 6.1
albumin 5.2 4.7 5.4 5.0 4.8
globulin 2.3 2.0 1.8 2.1 2.1
uric acid 3.2 1.5 (2.5-6.1) 2.2 2.9 2.7
calcium 10.4 8.5 9.6 9.3 9.5
phosphorus 4.9 3.9 3.9 4.5 3.5
iron 92 119 103 75 91
sodium 138 133 135 141 138
potassium 5.0 4.3 4.6 4.4 4.6
chloride 104 98 106 105 102
triglycerides 98 13 45 57 48
cholesterol 215 153 196 161

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