There are several companies that sell products with “Dr. Clark” labels. You can easily find them by searching on Google. Some of them have very official sounding names and are linked to extensive informational websites on the Dr. Clark protocols. Don’t be fooled. Most suppliers of “Dr. Clark” labeled products carry some products that contain magnesium stearate, caramel coloring and silicon dioxide in products labeled “Dr. Clark”. (at least until 2013)

Here is an example of labels from one of those companies:

This is something Dr. Clark did not want. You can see that many will agree that Magnesium Stearate is toxic, including Dr. Mercola.

Look for companies that carry products that they manufacture themselves. It is very common that companies outsource their manufacturing. By doing that they lose control of quality and purity. Look for companies that not only made according to Dr. Hulda Clark’s directions but also are tested using conventional laboratory methods, such as heavy metal tested, microbiology tested, and analyzed for identity. Ask the company if they have their own in-house laboratory, their own ICP which is a device used to quantify the amounts of heavy metals in natural products

Seven Essential Questions to Ask Your Supplier of Dr. Clark supplements:

  1. Do you manufacture your product inhouse?
  2. Do you contract out ANY of your productions?
  3. Do you use any additives or flow agents, such as magnesium stearate,      caramel coloring or silicon dioxide in ANY of your products?
  4. Do you screen incoming raw materials for identity, microbiology and      heavy metals in accordance to cGMP regulations?
  5. Does your company operate their own in-house laboratory?
  6. Does your company own and operate their own ICP? (used to detect      heavy metals)
  7. Do you test your products on the Syncrometer?

Dr. Clark was very concerned about people having access to pure water and pure products and for this reason published the names of the companies she had good experiences with. For your safety and convenience she listed the names and addresses of those companies in the sources in her books.

Beware of informational sites that refer you to a limited list of suppliers. We strongly suspect the referrals are picked because of financial reasons only – not because of superior products and services.

We do not refer you to any companies selling products.