Cancer Research

Leading Research Questions

1. Study effects of herbal organ cleansing
2. Study free cyanide and the enzyme rodanese in cancer patients
Study effects of Dr. Clark protocols have on cancer
How do blood analysis and other cancer markers change before and after Dr. Clark’s protocols (including dietary changes)
Study A: Herbal organ cleansing studies
· Parasite Cleanse with Colon Cleanse
· Kidney Cleanse
· Liver Cleanse
Study B: Intense cleansing program study
· See schedule of supplements.
· Please find complete protocol in Dr. Clark’s latest book, Prevention and Cure for All Cancers.
Study free cyanide and the enzyme rodanese in cancer patients
Working Hypothesis
Recently, Dr. Clark identified promethium, a lanthanide, as a natural protection from cancer. But when chlorination (bleach) is added to water it introduces cyanide, which displaces promethium, and we end up with low-level chronic cyanide toxicity. Polonium, radium and other radioactive contaminants may adversely affect the DNA replication process, thereby increasing the possibility of mutation. Based on these preliminary findings, Dr. Clark had asked universities to undertake the following:

  1. Measure levels of free cyanide in cancer patients compared to non-cancer patients.
  1. Verify the absence or diminished levels of Cytochrome C3 (food-oxidizing enzyme) in cancer patients.
  1. Quantify levels of the enzyme rodanese in the tumors of cancer patients. The main enzyme that detoxifies cyanide, rodanese, is absent near the tumor in cancer patients, according to Dr. Clark’s findings. A buildup of cyanide occurs, as a result, close to tumors.

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