Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis is probably a fluke disease. Some chemical, possibly coming from the fluke, may affect the acetylcholine receptors, thereby causing an allergic reaction so they become inefficient. This is most noticeable in the eyelids. They droop from lack of strength to lift them.

The thymus is often involved, too. The thymus is extremely sensitive to benzene and with so much benzene pollution in our products and foods (pollution from gasoline is negligible by comparison), you will probably find benzene accumulated there. Search the thymus and the muscles for parasites, bacteria and tooth metal as well as toxins in the foods eaten daily. Kill invaders twice a week with a zapper or stay on an herbal parasite program until all danger of recurrence is past (one to two years).

Clean up dentalware, diet and environment. Keep no indoor pets since any new parasite, however tiny, will surely find the niche left behind by the flukes and give you a new myasthenia gravis-like disease. The whole family must be parasite-free to protect the member with myasthenia gravis. But it is a task easily accomplished and desirable in its own right, so discuss your plan immediately with family members. Don’t delay. The flukes don’t
waste a single minute. They go right on feeding and breeding.

Carmen Opsal, age 37, was told by her specialist she had her myasthenia from birth since she didn’t have the strength to nurse. She had pancreatic fluke stages throughout her body. Her plan was to start on the parasite killing program, clean her kidneys, remove toxic elements, kill bacteria and clean her liver. Long before she accomplished this, in one month, she was feeling better and had return of her strength on some days. She still had the solvent, methylene chloride, from drinking “pure” orange juice and praseodymium from eating foil-packaged foods, also thulium from her brand of vitamin C. She was full of auto exhaust and nickel from dental metal. There was hafnium from nail polish and hair spray and zirconium from deodorant. She planned to get rid of it all, and never need to return.

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