Quotes From Canada

Ute Korobanik

“When I read her book, that was it. I knew this is something totally different.  It is a turning point.  This is something totally different…  It gave me a much broader view of what can be done”.
–Ute Korobanik, Nurse

“My daughter said to me, ‘dad you got all this information what are you going to do about it.’ I said I’m gonna get on this yesterday. Which I did. I faithfully got onto that program and I followed through with it.
See when I left the hospital I couldn’t even walk. They said, “Mr. Cramer, you can’t go home, you know you can’t even walk”. I said, “I’m going home tomorrow”. And so my wife took me home in a wheel chair. She helped me in and out of bed for two days. I just got on this protocol and within two weeks I was back in a tractor…
— Don Cramer, Lieutenant, Cancer Patient

20 Years Battle with eczema and food allergies

Michel Reulings

I suffered from eczema and food allergies since I was 26 years old. I went to a few conventional doctors and a lot of naturopaths. I soon realised that they could not help me : the conventional doctors told me that it was constitutional eczema and the naturopaths said that my intestines and my liver did not work well. By accident I found that the Macrobiotic diet helped clear this up. I stayed on the diet for a few years, but unfortunately the eczema came back in 2002.
Again I went to a lot of naturopaths. A german naturopath told me that it could have something to do with my teeth, the mercury and all the other metals. This made sense to me because I got already 8 crowns when I was 16 years old. My eczema and food allergies did start 10 years later.
In 2005 I renewed all my metal crowns into porcelain and all my fillings into composite.
And after that I went to Thailand for a cleansing week of colonics. They gave me some copper handles to hold on to during that week. I had no idea what that was. I was surprised what an amazing amount of parasites came out during that week. This made me curious, what was going on? Was it because of the device connected to the copper tubes I was holding? They told me that is was a zapper. I looked on the internet and found the name Hulda Clark.
In 2006 my eczema got worse, almost my whole body was covered with it. Again I went to several naturopaths for help but none of them could help me. I could not sleep from the pain and the itch for almost 2 years. This was really suffering. My family doctor said that I had to go to the hospital but I refused those chemical treatments. I wanted to know the cause.
In 2008 I found out myself that I could use the zapper not only to expel parasites during treatments with colonics but also to treat eczema. I read the first book of Dr. Clark and did the parasite cleanse. In just a few weeks the eczema disappeared for almost 95%, especially the itch went away. Then I realized that I never had been sick, I just had parasites. But I had to keep using the zapper and constantly doing the parasite cleanse otherwise the eczema came back.
I read in the books of dr. Clark that the porcelain crowns and the composite fillings could contain radioactivity and that the parasites had advantage of that.
In 2008 I wrote a letter to Dr. Clark. Not only that she did answer my letter, her words touched my heart. I felt :there is someone on the other side of the world who really cares about me. She told me to come to her clinic in Mexico. But before I could arrive she passed away. I am very sad that I have never met her.
In 2011, I finally went to Tijuana in Mexico and met Dr. Oscar Solorio.
I thought, this will be the last dentist for whom I will open my mouth. I did not trust any dentist any more. After the dental visits to him I felt remarkably better and for the first time in 20 years I could eat yogurt again without reacting. I am convinced that there is a definite link between any condition in the body and the teeth. .
I will make sure that the work of Dr. Clark will benefit many people in Europe. We will never forget her.
-Michel Reulings

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