Shoulder Pain

Some shoulder pain is called bursitis and some is called arthritis. But it always derives from stuck gallstones in the bile ducts of the liver! You can prove this by taking a tablespoon of Epsom salts in ¾ cup water at 6 p.m. instead of supper and on an empty stomach (or you may feel quite ill). If some of the pain subsides then you have evidence as to its true cause, because Epsom salts relax the bile duct valves.

Get started cleaning the liver (page 552). By the time you have chronic or acute shoulder pain you have about 3,000 Stones! Count them roughly, as they float in the toilet after the liver cleanse so you know how much progress you have made toward the final goal. Don’t start cleaning the liver until you have killed parasites and spent three weeks cleaning the kidneys though. This improves elimination of liquid toxins so a liver cleanse is promptly cleaned up for you.

What emerges from the liver is the most contaminated mess imaginable, full of bacteria and viruses and parasite eggs and stages (all dead we hope) of every kind. It needs prompt clearing from your body. The diarrhea sees to the bowel elimination. But some toxins can only pass through the kidneys. Kidneys should be clean and capable of doing the job. Remember it is unwise to clean the liver before all parasites are dead, especially flukes, because they produce a substance that inhibits any action of the bile ducts!

You are only one day away from freedom of shoulder motion and sleeping on your side again. Permanent improvement, though, depends on progress with your total stone count. Your bursitis can return in a few days or a few weeks. Be patient. You may only cleanse once in two weeks, and not if you are ill. After six cleanses you can be quite sure of being relatively pain free.

Between cleanses use valerian capsules to stop the spasms. It takes 6 capsules 4 times a day to be effective.

Typically only some bile ducts are spasming, and typically those ducts have a single fatty food trigger. Stop eating the high fat food you consume the most (it’s probably your favorite). If that hasn’t helped in two days choose a different high fat food to omit. The most common culprits are ice cream, potato chips, salad dressings, cheese, butter, cream, and milk.

Perhaps the pain is actually caused by bacteria living in the blocked bile ducts and invading the shoulder. This point has not been clarified. Using your zapper or frequency generator does no good for this pain. Only liver cleaning brings your shoulders back to their youthful mobility.

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