Skin Problems

Sebaceous Cysts
Your body, in its wisdom, keeps toxins together and out of harm’s way by making a cyst out of it. All the sebaceous cysts I have seen are filled with polyclilorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Get rid of PCB sources in order to clear PCBs from your body. This can take 6 to 12 months. Change all detergents (for dishes, laundry, and body use) to borax and/or washing soda.

Commercial detergents are wonderful cleaners…

but are unquestionably toxic. Whether you have cyst or not, it is always a good idea to use borax and washing soda instead.

If you have a particularly visible cyst, try to poultice it to the surface. Washing away some of it would be a great help to your body. Read herb books on poultices or just take whatever wild leaves you can gather; make a mush out of them with a blender, mix with honey or homemade skin softener to make it spread like peanut butter and cover the cyst with it night and day, covered with a piece of plastic. The wetness has thawing power. The plant juices have other benefits. If you can’t poultice and must rely on kidney excretion, be sure to take kidney herbs at the same time.

Skin Rash

Rashes can be caused by many things. To find the cause, follow a logical pattern. It may be due to:

  • HIV
  • Yeast and Fungus
  • Allergy
  • Childhood Diseases (rubella, etc.)

HIV is the most alarming possibility. Eliminate it first by testing for it. It’s often too early for a clinical test to be positive for HIV, so use the Syncrometer (page 457). I often see the rash disappear within days of eliminating the virus.

Probably the most common cause of rash is yeast. Candida has a resonant frequency of 384-388 Kflz. If you test positive for it, stop all commercial soap and detergent for all possible uses. Zapping Candida may drive it away for a few days. The fungus is hosted by another parasite but finds your skin quite satisfactory for a home, at least while your skin immunity is low. It may be low from wearing metal jewelry, having metal tooth fillings, aluminum (from lotions and soaps), cobalt (from shaving supplies), and zirconium (from deodorant.). When all these are removed, the skin will dry up quickly in open air or under a heat lamp.

In babies’ skin, immunity is low from diaper chemicals (mercury and thallium), wipes, and soap and detergent chemicals. Tight fitting, mercury treated diapers are a modem atrocity. Always line them with a tissue and keep them loose fitting.

The skin that has rash or fungus should be dried with paper towels, unfragranced and uncolored, in order not to contaminate the cloth towels, and thereby transport the tiny infectious spores to other skin locations. You may use skin healers.

Only the skin healers given in Recipes are safe to use. Keep them refrigerated when not in daily use. Commercial lotions, including health varieties, all contain toxic ingredients.

Many adult rashes are due to allergies. Allergy to nickel is common, the reaction is easiest to see under rings or watches. The metal is pulled into the body elimination. Since nickel is used by so many bacteria, especially urinary tract bacteria, it doesn’t get eliminated, it gets taken up by bacteria. It also piles up in kidneys, adrenals, bladder and prostate where bacteria thrive on it. Strangely, it also accumulates in the male scalp (and in women’s scalps who have male pattern baldness).

Allergy to strawberries, perfume, deodorant or chlorinated water, however different they are, can all be expressed the same way, in a rash. The liver has refused (been unable) to detoxify the chemicals in these items and allows them to circulate in the body. Not for long, though, since great damage could be done to brain and other tissues. Mercifully, the skin grabs these chemicals into itself. Ultimately, it must still be removed. The allergic reaction and your immune system come to your skins rescue, although bringing you discomfort.

Why didn’t the liver detoxify the chemicals given to it? The answer is based on a simple experiment. Try cleaning your liver (page 552) several times or until 1,000 bits of refuse have been washed out of the bile ducts. This relieves the back pressure on that part of the liver, and allows it to do its work again. The physiological details are not understood. Fortunately, the results are instantaneous. The day before the liver cleanse you would never eat a strawberry or peanut for fear of a reaction. A few days after the cleanse, your body “knows” which food it might tolerate and as you try a bit, you notice no reaction, no rash This simple experiment suggests that the liver couldn’t detoxify these foods because of the refuse in its ducts.

Each liver cleanse “cures” a different set of allergies suggesting that the liver is compartmentalized—different parts having different duties. It follows that by getting all the stones out all your allergies will disappear. Experience shows this to be true, although it can take two years to carry out such a program.

Meanwhile, avoiding the offensive food or product is very important. It is quite destructive to bathe the brain in strawberry chemicals or your toes in maple syrup chemicals. Stay off allergy-producing foods and products even if you can tolerate a little or can be “desensitized” to them with shots or homeopathic methods. Use these methods for relief– not license to continue using items that tax your body.

Certain childhood diseases produce a rash and this can be diagnosed by testing for the suspected disease with a slide or culture of it. Then use a zapper to kill both the bug and any larger parasites that may have brought it in.

Sometimes your body will break out in hives instead of a rash. Again, gallstones in the liver and gallbladder are responsible. Do the Liver Cleanse.


The more severe cases of acne cover parts of the body as well as face and can pit the face so badly there is hardly any clear skin left.

In ten days you can reverse this, so most of the skin is beautifully clear. There are bacteria involved and skin oils of youth feed these bacteria. Acne has been extensively studied by scientists. Perhaps the true culprit was too big to be seen with a microscope or too small (antigen) to be recognized or just too unimaginable. I inevitably find Trichinebba, one of the four common roundworms that infect humans.

Test yourself to Trichinelba with the slide called “larvae in tissue”. Search for it in your skin. It is generally believed to reside in muscles, especially the diaphragm, but in acne cases it is in the skin.

If you only have a frequency generator, set it at 404.5 KHz and at neighboring numbers, extending 5 KHz on each side, to be sure to include all eggs and other molt stages. Or zap.

Psoriasis, Eczema

Psoriasis and eczema are both caused by Ascaris. Their molting chemicals are quite allergenic; perhaps it is these that are affecting the skin. Since pets pick these worms up daily, there is chronic reinfection in families with pets. Keep zapping.

Bernadette McNutt, 34, had acne on her back, chest and face. She had been treated since teen age with ultraviolet lght, Retin A, and antibiotics. She already had a history of shingles and fungus, two more skin conditions. Her skin was toxic with strontium and her kidneys had cadmium, silver and beryllium deposits inhibiting excretion. She had only one parasite, extremely high levels of Thchinella. Her children were also infected as was the cat. In spite of using parasite herbs for months she got no improvement until the baby was out of diapers. Then she cleared up.

Royce Hamilton, 17, had acne so dense on his face there was no good spot the size of a dime anyvhere. He had it about one year. His urinalysis showed amorphous crystals (stones of all kinds) and a trace of protein. He had Trichinelia worms throughout his organs. He was very fatigued. He was started on kidney herbs so there would be good excretion after killing the Trichinella.

His thyroid and kidneys were full of zirconium and titanium from all the lotions he used for his skin. He didn’t need deodorant. Evidently even his armpit bacteria had been affected. It took four months to clear his Trichineila although there were no young children or pets in the house. His face was beginning to heal, but three months later he had a recurrence although his parent was not a carrier. After this, he cleared it up again and his face looked as beautiful as a child’s.

Evan Knight, 36, had psoriasis at elbows and knees from age 9 but now it was spreading to his fingers and scalp. He occasionally had bronchitis and puffy eyelids, indicative of Ascaris but at the time of his visit he had Trichinella, fluke stages and Echinostomum in his skin. He was started on the parasite program and in three weeks it was clearing instead of advancing. He switched to milk for his beverage to raise his immunity and removed the arsenic, formaldehyde and thulium (from his vitamin C) by doing the necessary cleanups.

Gerry Chastain, 41, had a red nose, erupted along the sides. He had been on sulfa drugs and Emycin. He had Leishmania tropica. He killed it in the office with a frequency generator and got immediate improvement but four weeks later it was back. He had four solvents built up in his body: benzene, ICE, IC Ethylene and hexanedione. This situation would make recovery impossible since he was no doubt reinfecting himself. He also had titanium, platinum and silver accumulated in his tissues and needed to replace his dentalware before expecting a permanent cure.

Floyd Oldham, 50s, was getting pimples on his nose. His whole face was red and flushed looking. His bowels were loose and he had some urinary urgency. He harbored two kinds of Leishmania (braziiensis and tropica). He killed the Leishmanias with a frequency generator and started himself on the kidney herb program. Five weeks later the pimples were gone but general redness had reappeared. The Leishamanias were still gone but this time he was toxic with cobalt.

Cobalt is known to promote skin cancers and also heart disease. This was discovered decades ago when an outbreak of heart disease occurred in England. It was traced to a pub (where they all partook) where cobalt was added to the beer to make the foam rise higher! In fact, the foam will just stay in place like a hairdo, if you add cobalt. It was made an illegal additive. Gradually, it has crept back into consumer’s products: first toilet cake (blue), then window washer (blue), then dishwasher detergent, and now even mouthwash. If you see a blue colored product, stay away from it. It accumulates in the heart and skin. People with skin cancers often have cobalt build up.

Floyd stopped using all these products and cleared up again. Grethe Driscoll, middle aged, wore tons of make up, so skillfully applied that scars from a face lift could never be detected. When she had minor breakouts, which usually occurred while away on a trip, it seemed like a catastrophe. She tried everything available but could not get to her parasite herbs until she was back home several weeks later. After one week on them (5 day high dose plus maintenance) her complexion was perfect again.

Crofton Thornton, 15, had an embarrassing case of acne. He had Ascaris, hookworm and Strongyloides (he also had migraines) all reacting in the skin. He stopped drinking commercial beverages that gave him solvents. He killed parasites electronically and with herbs and got a considerable improvement. But he still had Strongyloides one month later. Nevertheless, he had seen the connection and he knew it was just a matter of persistence to a clear complexion. Note, he should have had Trichinolla–did I miss testing for it?


Could we get warts from playing with toads in childhood? We don’t play with toads anymore. Yet we get warts. We don’t know how we get them. But after learning how to get rid of them, you will probably know how you got them. Not all warts are the same. In fact, they might all be different: each one is made up of 5 or 6 different viruses, not just one as we had believed.

Peel a tiny fragment off one of your warts. Prepare it for testing by placing it in a small bottle. Add a few tsp. filtered water and a 1/4tsp. grain alcohol. Label it with the location you got it from: like “left middle finger knuckle”. First, search your body for other locations of this wart (organs that test positive to your sample). You can easily find them in your skin, of course. But also search electronically in your liver, spleen, muscles, stomach, heart, pancreas. Notice how often they are present in the pancreas. The pancreas seems to be a wart-virus heaven. Are they in the islets or the rest of the pancreas?

Without a zapper, you will need to find the frequency of each virus to completely destroy it. Attach your frequency generator and search between 400 and 290 KHz. When you find its resonant frequency, kill it by treating yourself for three minutes at 10 volts from a frequency generator. Will your warts fall off?

In a few days one or two of your warts will begin to shred. After a week you may lose one or two completely, and find that several more have become smaller. The remainder are unchanged. Continue to identify and kill them. Notice that they are not necessarily gone from the pancreas or other organs at the same time as they are gone from the skin. Perhaps warts are not the benign entities we have believed them to be. They may, in fact, ride into the body on some common bacteria, like Salmonella, or common parasite like pinworms or tapeworm stages.

Zapping doesn’t reach all the viruses in a wart either. It takes repeated zappings to start the shredding and gradual killing of warts.

Guy Laird, age 11 had warts on his lips besides fingers. His job was feeding the three outdoor dogs. He was full of Ascaris. He had Taenia pisiformis and Taenia soIium bladder cysts in his liver. These were shedding viruses into Guy. He was started on Rascal for six weeks (this was before the zapper was invented). Maybe his benzene buildup was responsible for letting so many parasites (and their viruses) survive and multiply in his body. He stopped using toothpaste, killed Ascaris (408 KHz) and some flukes (434 to 421 KHz) and improved his diet. All except one wart came off (without bleeding). He was given different chores, too, to reduce his contact with animals and their parasites.

Georgianna Mills, a middle age music teacher, broke out with warts all over her hands, at least 30 in total. A few months later she was diagnosed with bone cancer; she always wondered if there was a connection. She cleared up her cancer and killed her viruses and bacteria with a frequency generator. Nearly all her warts disappeared. But her indoor pet brought new parasites daily, especially Moniezia tapeworm stages. With each Moniezia infection (about once a month) she got new warts. She was never able to clear them completely.

I concluded that each wart is actually composed of 3 to 6 viruses and these viruses are distributed throughout our bodies! How satisfying to be able to rid our bodies of them, once and for all even in internal organs. There is a catch. Small remnants of some warts do not disappear in spite of killing most of them. More accurately, they disappear and then reappear in our internal organs. Could this suggest to us their true origin? Could it be a tapeworm stage?

Clark, Hulda. The Cure For All Diseases. New Century Press, Chula Vista, CA. 1995. Pp. 188-195