A Message From the Heart…

Reviewed By: Marve
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

There is a book that’s been out for a while I’ve read called 200% of Nothing. It explains to the layman, how mathematics is routinely used by both sides of a dispute. Statistics is of course a branch of mathematics. Despite efforts to present cancer as something undesirable, and in particular, current cancer survival rates as unacceptable, our hearts tell us statistically, there is no hope for a cure in our lifetime. In academia, disputes are common and expected. I once took a course in memory and learning, thinking that I would come away with some definite answers on how I learned, and how I remembered. Instead, I was presented case study after case study, in which the previous researchers findings were disputed because of some new condition that made conclusions—inconclusive.So what I was left with was either a library of pro’s and con’s about learning and memory, or what I felt in my heart—my beliefs about learning and memory from personal experience. Its the same old story, again and again; we want someone to tell us, to show us, to love us, to hold us. And we discover as we mature, that everything must come to and from our very own heart. The heart has reasons, that reason does not understand—Jacques Binigne Bossuel From Hulda’s videos, my heart went out to her, as I heard her voice, her laughter, and her acumen. She was not out to convince me of anything. Instead, she presented her findings in a way her heart told her was the right way. I believe Clark is right in her book about the cure for all diseases. Not from my head, which could easily have me chasing my tail, but from my heart. from my heart,Marve

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