Dr. Clark’s research and suggestions are being followed by my family

Reviewed By: By A Customer
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

Dr. Clark’s research and suggestions are being followed by my family: 9 children and 7 adults residing in two states. The results are amazing and remarkable! The biggest gift we were given is one male adult’s 35-year case of psoriasis is going away before our eyes! It is incredible because medical doctors have never managed such excellent results. So far, two adults did the kidney and liver cleanses with EXCELLENT results including relief from indigestion, psoriasis improved quicker, weight loss amongst other improvements.
In addition, migraines have disappeared in female adults, commonly occurring ear infections and stomach flu in children have also disappeared when the parasite program started. Using colloidal silver has caused the toe, toenail, and fingernail fungus to clear up completely. Doctors have been amazed at the results; their recommendation was to continue doing whatever we’re doing! I cannot praise this book enough, and it is a “must buy” for everyone! Tell your friends and family if you care about them.
Being the writer of this review, I must add that I have NOT been sick since I started zapping and doing the parasite program. Everyone around me at work was sick during allergy and flu season this winter except me. I also gained great relief from the liver cleanse and can’t stop talking about it. Hurry……empower yourself and make your own decisions for your health instead of allowing the government and powerful drug companies to make decisions that ultimately kill us and make them rich!

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