I have been following most of her advices with excellent results

Reviewed By: Gcbranco
gcbranco@worldnet.att.net (New York, NY)
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

I am a finance professional from New York City and had suffered from symptoms similar to the ones present in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, although I never had CFS officially diagnosed. As soon as I started looking for a solution I came to the conclusion that I was not going to find it in traditional medicine, but in alternative medicines.
I ran into a photocopied sheet with the recipe for the parasite program, which I did. I then started looking for the book where the photocopy came from.
The most striking thing is that Dr. Clarke doesn’t seem to be in this for the money. She explicitly allows reproductions or copies of this book (for free!) without requiring additional permission from the author. How many authors or books allow this? She also describes how to pick up the parts to build a zapper from cheap hardware store parts. Of course, if you don’t have the patience to build one yourself, you can buy one from one of the available services for about $70.
I have been following most of her advices with excellent results. I have taken all the metal from my mouth, performed over 10 liver cleanses, and done the parasite program on a regular basis. Every time I have a health problem I go back to the book for reference and invariably find the way to approach the problem.
I cannot say enough good things about this book, although it is not for everyone. If you need absolute scientific proof for everything she says, then… it’s not for you.

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