This book is a must-read for everyone who is sick or has chronic health conditions..

Reviewed By: Dr. Young
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

This book is a must-read for everyone who is sick or has chronic health conditions and for everyone who wants to maintain perfect health. In this revolutionary work, Dr. Clark reveals the results of her research that indicate that all diseases have only two causes: pollutants and/or parasites. Once you remove the pollutants from the body and kill off the parasites, the body knows how to repair and heal itself. She states, for example, that everyone with whom she worked who had depression ALWAYS had roundworms in their brain.

People with the Epstein-Barr virus always had pancreatic flukes. People with Alzheimer’s had aluminium and parasites in the brain. And people with insomnia had parasites that excreted ammonia, which in turn caused insomnia because the brain wasn’t meant to be bathed in ammonia. Once she killed off the parasites using her electronic frequency generator, the zapper, the depression or the Epstein-Barr infection or insomnia disappeared. Very often she also uses specific supplements and herbs in addition to the zapper to aid the body’s healing and cleansing mechanisms.

Dr. Clark convincingly argues that it’s not our genes that cause disease but all the chemicals and toxins that make their way into our air, our water, our food supply and then into our bodies. Diseases seem to “run in families” since family members are exposed to the same toxins and infested with the same parasites, and not because our genes are “bad” or predisposed to certain diseases. She instructs the reader on how to build the device that zaps the parasites and on how to rid the body of toxins.

This book contains detailed recipes for her various detoxification techniques. It also contains an index of companies that sell the all-natural, organic products she recommends. Your life will never be the same after you read this revolutionary book. Many of our health problems today are the result of all the chemicals we ingest, inhale or touch. Dr. Clark strongly recommends a return to a more primitive way of life that drastically reduces the toxins in our immediate environment. She also invites us to “throw out the rascals,” meaning the parasites and pollutants, and to reclaim our health and our lives. Dr. Clark wants us to treasure our genes by emphasizing that disease is not caused by them but by the parasites and toxins that invade us and damage our bodies.

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