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The following stories are real–real stories from real people who want you to know the truth so you too can help play a role in bringing about the elimination of our disease. What is more significant are the stories that you are not hearing, from tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who are not afflicted and will not be afflicted because they have discovered the true nature cause of disease. You can view 100s of testimonials received about Dr. Clark’s books here from Amazon 5 Star Reviews.

Some good information…

Some good information on herbal treatments, but mostly a delve into lunacy.

I just ordered two more of these books for a couple of my friends

I was very pleased with how quickly my order arrived & the packaging was great. I ordered two books and both were new and in great condition. My experience with this transaction was a pleasant one. As a matter of fact, I just ordered two more of these books for…

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When you want the best

This is one of, if not the best in factual easy reading I have found. The Cure for All Diseases

A Message From the Heart…

There is a book that’s been out for a while I’ve read called 200% of Nothing. It explains to the layman, how mathematics is routinely used by both sides of a dispute. Statistics is of course a branch of mathematics. Despite efforts to present cancer as something undesirable, and in…

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Worked For Me

I personally had/have four of the best forms of cancer on the planet. Oh well that was eight years ago. There are many hours of research. Good books are a treasure. The past is our future. I thank for the resources. jerry thompson

This book has many great facts…

This book has many great facts about your entire body and how it works. Very enlightening about how to care for it



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The cure for all diseases VERY INFORMATIVE

One of the most informative books I have read lately. A great guide to using Hulda’s zapper and purifying many products used daily. A little dry but once you get into it very important information. I use it weekly as a reference book now that I have finished reading it…

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Heretic Medicine

This book complements some information missing in UROPATHY by Martin J. Lara, the best Urine Therapy book ever written and the most heretic medical book available in the world. That book works very well with ” Cure for All Diseases ” by Hulda Regehr Clark, if you unify the teachings…

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A great resource

Knowing people that have been helped by similar resources., I’m now able to understand how it all works.

Health book with a difference. Well researched

This is one book that should be in every home. Been zapping myself regularly. I can feel the benefits. Lots of information about pollution I did not know about.

Very helpful book

This book is very helpful in offering alternative methods in becoming healthy that involve treating the cause of diseases as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

An absolute must for anyone with any type of illness or disease

A dictionary on every bookshelf, A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES for every medicine cabinet. Incredible knowledge is not easily found elsewhere.

Great info inside

all the info you want and few people know about. you will love reading this!!!

This book is a must-read for everyone who is sick or has chronic health conditions..

This book is a must-read for everyone who is sick or has chronic health conditions and for everyone who wants to maintain perfect health. In this revolutionary work, Dr. Clark reveals the results of her research that indicate that all diseases have only two causes: pollutants and/or parasites. Once you…

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I hope Hulda Clark makes a difference in your life too

I cannot say much more. For anyone having any doubts about Dr. Clark and her theory, please do your own research on the Internet and learn about her, her work, and the remedies she prescribes. Even though perfectly logical and scientifically grounded in her extensive research, some appear to be…

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This book is excellent eye opener for those who wish to learn the truth…

This book is an excellent eye-opener for those who wish to learn the truth about the widespread illnesses that most suffer today. After reading this book I realise if doctors did treat patients how would they keep up their luxury lifestyle. Anyone can treat themselves by following simple remedies in…

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Applying The Wisdom

Greetings zapper fans… I had a friend stop by a few weeks back. We dirped him on the Fscan2, and took a closer look in the range for the HPV that he had at that time. I then plugged in additional frequency sets from Dr. Hulda Clark’s “A Cure For…

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Is this finally a truth about MS’s cause and cure?

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and have tried almost everything, from the homeopathic to the medical approach. I have even removed toxic dental work. The author’s view is to remove the cause so that the body can heal. It made too much sense; especially what she says is surely the…

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The following stories are real–real stories from real people who want you to know the truth so you too can help play a role in bringing about the elimination of our disease. What is more signinficant are the stories that you are not hearing, fromtens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who are not afflicted and will not be afflicted because they have discoverred the true nature cause of disease.

- We are able to eliminate my aunt’s cancer and save the lung her doctros were about to remove. We are enjouing a new life free of pain. This has been an amazin discovery an given my family an friends a new and exciting life and awareness. Than you Dr. Clark for your inquisitive mind. 150.

- When someone calls up asking about Cancer Diabetes we always ask if they have Dr. Clark’s book, and if not we suggest they buy on along with their first order. One man from Argentina said that he and his 83 year-old mother are cancer free and healthy today because they followed Dr. Clark’s instructions exactly and completely. 53

- My mother had breast cancer 10 years ago. My brother and I, with you help, cured it. I’m a believer! I’m still doing the parasite program maintenance. Thanks!. 111.

- We were able to eliminate my aunts’s cancer and save the lung her doctors were about to remove. My aunt began Dr. Clark’s Protocol eight days before her surgery. The doctors opened her up to remove the cancerous lung. But gess what? The cancer was gone. They closed her up without removing the lung. This was a remarkable experience, expecially since my family had lost many loving family members to very long and painful deaths. 149.

- Karen Cousino My aunt had colon cancer and had three months to live. She heard about your program from someone and started the program. She is now cancer free. I have told so many people about her miraculous recovery. Thank you, Dr. Clark. 192.

- My name is Roxanne Orrange. I am a 25 year old who was diagnosed with Fibromioxide Sarcoma Cancer. I read both you Cancer books and it gave me courage and hope for my future and the future if the people with cancer. Thank you, Dr. Clark. You have gave me hope and saved my life. I would love yo meet you in person someday. 279.

- I was diagnosed with incurable stomack cancer in November of 1996. I did radiation, but not chemo. I prayed for God to lead me to a cure back to good health if it was His will. I read lots of books on cancer and Dr. Clark’s books made lots of sense. I followed her instruction to the letter, and on my last scan for residual cancer a couple of months ago, it came back “clear”, no residual cancer Praise God! Thankyou, Dr. Clark for your loving, caring heart to help other! Dori Cron. 377.

- I read Dr. Clark’s book a few years ago and thought it was logical. When a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer, I told him and his wife about the book. HIs wife is a nurse and they both thought it was worth trying. He started taking the products in July and she was amazed and his doctors tell him that he is doing much better they expected. Now he is the maintenance programand is very happy. 391.

- The most remarkable thig is that by sharing your book, The Cure For All Cancers, I have seen two friends, one with brest cancer with cancer detected in lymph nodes, and another sent home to live the rest of his life the best he could, “cured of all cancer and recovering more every day.” Good bless you, Hulda, for your research and your people and the FDA want us to remain their puppets, but thank God we have people like you out there fighting for us. Bridgett Ross. 528.

BREAST CANCER. ONCOLOGIST SAID HE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT AND NEVER SAW ANYTHING LIKE IT IN 30 YEARS Miriam Herzog, Brooklyn, NY: “I had a tumor in my breast, and the biopsy revealed it was breast cancer. Someone told me about the Clark therapy. I had nothing to lose. I started electrical zapping and taking the parasite herbs, and stopped using many chemical products. I had surgery 3 weeks later and they removed a tumor the size of an egg. My tissue was sent to the lab to check for malignancy. I repeatedly called the oncologist, who said he did not have an answer I finally saw him two weeks after the surgery. I asked why I had to wait so long, and he said the biopsy came back negative the first time, but he had the lab retest to be positive the results were accurate. He said he could not believe it at first, and in 30 years of practice he had never seen anything like this l He said that I was the lucky one, and no further treatment was necessary. I want to help and share my story with others who believe that it can’t be true l ”

DOCTOR USED CLARK THERAPY TO CURE HIS PROSTATE CANCER, NOW TREATS CANCER PATIENTS WITH SIGNIFICANT SUCCESS Dr. W. van Ewijk, M.D., Ph.D. (Holland): “Dr. Clark, I confirm your approach to cancer is very effective. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The surgeon canceled radical prostatectomy. I treat cancer patients with your protocol and have had significant success.”

DOCTOR SAYS PARASITES KEY LINK TO CANCER Dr. E. O’Dell Woods, Utah: “I have researched cancer cures for 47 years. This is about my experience with Dr. Clark’s method. I found parasites as the key link in the cause of cancer. With the parasites dead, no more cancer. I am a cancer survivor, and continue to take Dr. Clark’s preventive herbs.”

DESERVE NOBEL PRIZE, DR. CLARK, FOR YOUR DISCOVERY OF CAUSE OF CANCER Thea Backay, Germany: “You deserve the Nobel Prize, Dr. Clark, for your discovery of the cause of cancer. I was so fortunate your book came after my breast cancer operation. It saved me from chemo and radiation. I am completely in good health and lost all my fears.”

NO LONGER HAVE BREAST CANCER BECAUSE OF DR. CLARK “My daughter (homeopathic physician) recommended The Cure for Cancer when I had breast cancer. I’ve cleansed my life style, no longer have a problem and am on maintenance two times a week. Two years later I feel great.” Estelle Morris

4TH STAGE OF CANCER, NOTHING DOCTORS COULD DO. ONCOLOGIST SAYS A MIRACLE. STILL ALIVE 6 YEARS LATER Internet, Reedy, CA: “My Oncologist explained I was in the 4th stage of cancer and there was nothing more they could do. I found Dr. Clark’s book, followed instructions and was cured. My oncologist redid all the tests. When the results came back he called me and said: ‘I can only say it is a miracle.’ That was 1994.” CLARK THERAPY CURED LYMPHOMA, DECLINED CHEMO Tabar Toprakjian: “Hulda Clark, I love you. A close friend suffering from lymphoma has since been cured without chemo and his blood count is back to normal the first time in ten years.”

CLARK THERAPY CURED BLADDER CANCER Marc Stragier: “I have used Dr. Clark’s therapy since 1996 to cure bladder cancer. Feel free to publish my phone in case I can help.”

CLARK THERAPY CURED MALIGNANT BREAST TUMOR Arthur Doerksen, engineer: “I very successfully used Dr. Clark’s approach to get rid of a malignant breast tumor. On Feb. ’95, my wife and I spent 2 hours with Dr. Clark. I tested free of malignancy, but had high mercury levels from tooth fillings. Dr. Clark told us correctly we had a gas leak in our home 1600 miles away because we had high vanadium levels. She found that in about 2 seconds. If it sounds too good to be true, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you follow her advice.” CLARK THERAPY CURED PROSTATE CANCER, PSA NORMAL. REFUSED SURGERY Internet, Beatrice, MD “My husband started on Dr. Clark’s therapy one week after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He flatly refused the only option by the doctors: Cut it out, the sooner, the better. Three months later, his PSA dropped to normal. This was over 3 years ago. Physical exams are normal, no tumor was found.”

SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED FROM MASSIVE BRAIN TUMOR USING CLARK THERAPY AFTER GIVEN TERMINAL PROGNOSIS Clark Presswood CDR US (Ret): “Dr. Clark’s amazing techniques were a major factor in my successful recovery from a massive brain tumor for which I had been given a terminal prognosis. I am telling all of her continued efforts to help thousands of people find their way back to health.”

CLARK THERAPY CURED MULTIPLE MELANOMA Charlotte Weiland: “Dr. Clark, your therapy cured my aunt of multiple melanoma.”

DR. CLARK SHOULD RECEIVE NOBEL PRIZE Dr. Clark is known and respected for her discoveries and she has saved many lives, not only those of her patients but also the lives of the hundreds upon thousands of people who have treated themselves following guidelines from her books. Detaining Dr. Clark is criminal, this woman should not be persecuted, but should instead receive a I\lobel prize for the good she has brought to humankind. We all know that the cancer industry feels greatly threatened by her discoveries, and that the purpose of this arrest is to stop her doing her work. Michelle Timmermans, New Zealand

DOCTORS LOOKED IN VAIN FOR THE CANCER, THE CANCER DISAPPEARED I convinced my mother to try the Dr. Clark’s herbal treatment. Although she never took the herbs for more than eight days at a time, the cancer disappeared. Her doctors looked in vain for the cancer for a long time. My mother had no other treatment for cancer than the herbal treatment set out in Dr. Clark’s book. Ronald P. Muka

CURED CANCER AFTER READING CLARK’S BOOK. HEALING WITH MEDICINE IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE I am self doing patient having cured my cancer in 1998, after reading Dr. Clark’s books with significant improvements in our health. I am alive, feeling healthy and want to stay well until my end. All pharmaproducts did not help, radiation also did not, and surgery can only cut off cancer, but not cure it. Healing of cancers with traditional medicine is nearly impossible. Heinz Hadamzik, Germany

CANCER IN REMISSION AFTER CLARK THERAPY> know of Dr. Clark’s good works through my own contact with her writings, as well as first hand experience of a good friend whose cancer went into remission after treatment at her clinic. David Deutsch, Va.

HAD CANCER 5 YEARS AGO, FOLLOWED DR. CLARK, ALIVE AND WELL This letter is to inform you that I support Dr. Clark in her work. I had cancer 5 years ago this December, and I followed her work. Needless to say I am alive and doing well. I have seen ‘many good doctors go down because they did not follow the conventional treatments, and I find this appalling. Karen Butler.

CANCER FREE TODAY AFTER CLARK PROGRAM Three years ago I had a masectomy. At that time I began the program that Dr. Clark prescribes and I am cancer free today. I believe that God and the wisdom of Dr. Clark saved my life. Please do not take away the opportunity to get better from others that need Dr. Clark’s research and help so badly. N.G.

FOLLOWED DR. CLARK’S BOOK AND OVARIAN CANCERGONE Since March I’ve been using the zapper, the parasite program and have followed almost all in Dr. Clark’s The Cure for All Cancers. I’m happy to tell you that I’m quite sure that my cancer is about gone! I have no pain and I feel wonderful. I’m 53 years old, had ovarian cancer, surgery, and chemotherapy in 1996. My CA125 started going up in the fall of 1997. I tried many different alternative treatments, and I now know that I’ve found the answer with the parasite program and the zapper. Diane Dailey, Mt.

HAD TERMINAL CANCER WITH ONLY A FEW DAYS TO LIVE, NOW IMPROVING WITH GREAT RESULTS My father with terminal cancer who only had a few days to live. When I went to visit him Thursday night I could see he looked better, but he did not actually start to improve with great results until I started three zapping sessions per day, and Extra Strength Walnut enemas. I also started some bolosus from the Cancer Salves Book and the Trifolium Compound, and I can say, it all worked thanks to Dr. Clark and God. Jerrold Warner DR. CLARK CLINIC IN SWITZERLAND

COLON CANCER GONE IN 10 DAYS; ESOPHAGEAL CANCEROUS TUMOR SHRINKING; BOY WITH DIABETES BLOOD SUGAR BETTER THAN EVER A person with terminal colon cancer was turned around in as little as 10 days. The patient was very eager to follow the Clark program and was very meticulous. She immediately reaped the benefits, which could be easily seen on subsequent X-rays. Another patient had esophageal cancer with a huge tumor, he could hardly swallow. All the cleanups were done immediately and the whole protocol was implemented, since there was no time to lose. In just days the patient could swallow bits again, and within two weeks he felt considerably better and the tumors started shrinking, since one growth was on the outside this was clearly visible. A boy with diabetes was started on the zapper. Before we could even start him on the parasite herbs, his blood sugar behavior improved immensely; according to the boy’s mother it was better than ever the past four years. David Amrein, President Dr. Clark Clinic, Switzerland

DR. CLARK SOLVED THE MOST THREATENING DISEASE OF MANKIND, CANCER. Her successes witnessed by many people indicate that she is doing important work for the whole mankind in her clinic. She seems to be on the way to solve one of the most threatening diseases of man, cancer. Wolfgang Roesner, Germany

FOLLOWED CLARK PROGRAM, ONE YEAR LATER SURVIVED PANCREATIC CANCER, GAINED WEIGHT, HEALTHY BLOOD COUNTS My husband, a pancreatic cancer patient, has been following Dr. Clark’s parasite control program for a year. He has survived admirably, gained weight throughout his treatment, maintained healthy blood counts, and has been a wonderful success story. His cancer is now in remission! (Very few pancreatic cancer patients survive 2 months past diagnosis) This woman is a candidate for sainthood!

P. J. Null

HAD CERVICAL CANCER, FOLLOWED DR. CLARK’S BOOK WITH REMARKABLE RESULTS I had been diagnosed with minor cervical cancer, and went through a hysterectomy. Since then, I had not been happy with the subsequent follow up by traditional doctors. I started following Dr. Clark’s advice in her books, and have had remarkable results! The first time I used the zapper, dead fluke worms were very noticeable in my stools! I had been extremely fatigued all of the time -would be in bed every day between 7 and 8. Since zapping, my energy levels have increased DRAMATICALLY! I am able to start new projects with enthusiasm, and never feel tired! The only change in my life-style is that I have been following the advice in Dr. Clark’s books! Ellyn Olson

DR. CLARK’S THERAPY CURED TERMINAL LUNG CANCER. DOCTORS SAY IT’S A MIRACLE We live in the Netherlands and this year I heard for the first time about Dr. Hulda Clark. I bought all the books and a zapper and I and my wife became much better with the cure against the parasites. A friend of ours had terminal lung cancer and the doctors in the hospital said there was nothing more to do. On our advice she started with the cure against the parasites including using the zapper. She is now doing fine. The doctors in the hospital don’t know what happened… it’s a miracle for them. Hans Kuijt, The Netherlands

SURVIVED TERMINAL LIVER CANCER, WOULD NOT BE ALIVE WITHOUT DR. CLARK’S TREATMENT Two and half years ago I got terminal liver cancer (primary) and was given 2 to 6 months to live. First I used breuss and after three months Dr. Clark’s cancer cures for next 15 months. I am 59 years old, feel great and looking for job. I had hepatitis B for a long time and my liver was badly damage. Many people diagnosed with my cancer are dead or killed by orthodox methods. I didn’t use any of them. My story was on TV channel 7 program verifying it all with catscans. I could guarantee that no cancer patient would die from cancer using Dr. Clark’s treatments. This was not a fluke, I am an engineer for atomic and nuclear physics, and I can understand and comprehend both treatments. I have all my catscans. Without her treatment I would not be alive. For any help do not hesitate to call or write. V. Zivadinovic, Australia

COLON CANCER. NO TO SURGERY. DR. CLARK’S THERAPY SAVED HIS LIFE AND NO SIGN OF CANCER 3 YEARS LATER Dr. Clark has given much to the world. She saved my life after having had colon cancer’, and the doctor wanted to take a foot of my colon out. A friend gave me the information by Dr. Clar’k and I started on the parasite program –NO SURGERY and after examination NO CANCER DETECTED, and now it is 3 years later. Harold Brewer DIAGNOSED WITH TERMINAL PROSTATE CANCER. AFTER CLARK PROTOCOL CERTIFIED CANCER FREE BY DOCTOR

I was a party to the cure of my neighbor, Henl-y Leguyder, of terminal prostate cancer. Under my guidance, he followed Dr. Hulda Clark’s recommendations, and is now cancer-free, certified by his doctor. His PSA, which was 85, is now 3.4. His doctor, who had pronounced him terminal and said there was nothing more he could do, now says he has no cancer. Henry did nothing more than follow Dr. Clark’s’ recommendations (zapping, detoxifying, and taking herbs), taking vitamins and improving his diet. I just talked to him and his wife and they are still thanking me for giving them the information that cured him. I am attaching his write-up of the incredible journey he made back to health with the help of Dr. Hulda Clark’s book. Our world is blessed to have her offer us an effective means of curing illness. Shirley K. Barnes, Canada

FATHER FOLLOWED CLARK’S CANCER PROGRAM AND BRAIN CANCER RECEDING My father had followed Hulda Clark’s cancer program and turned his rapidly growing brain cancer into a receding cancer. The doctor was so delighted that the Catscan done at the end of January had shown that cancer had receded. Ralph Wyndham

HAD OVARIAN CANCER, NO DOUBTS HULDA CLARK SAVED HER LIFE I had ovarian cancer in June 1996. I had surgery and chemotherapy. Then in the fall of 1997, the cancer came back. I was tested by my oncologist and went twice to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for more tests. The only thing they could offer was more chemo. I decided that I’d rather die than go through that again. I know that chemotherapy could not cure my cancer, that it could prolong my life but that I would have no quality of life. I read and tried everything alternative medicine had to offer. Finally, in March, I followed Hulda Clark’s advice in The Cure for All Cancers. I used herbs and zapper. Almost immediately I could feel the cancer stop growing. I no longer have any pain. I have no doubt that Hulda Clark saved my life and I’ll be forever grateful. Diane Daley, MT

PROSTATE CANCER DOING MUCH BETTER Dr. Clark, my father, 70 years, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Jan. ’99. I told him about your therapy and gave him your book. Luckily my father is health conscious and decided to give it a try. It is now several months later and he’s doing much better. Natalia Winn

COLON CANCER, DOCTORS SAID ONLY A FEW MONTHS. AFTER CLARK THERAPY SURVIVING TWO YEARS LATER Several years ago my mother was operated on for colon cancer. The doctors had to remove everything, the cancer had spread so badly. She had to undergo radiation and chemo for over a year. She was very ill. For almost two years she seemed to be a little better. The cancer came back, and there was nothing they could do.

They told me she had only a few months left. We put her on Dr. Clark’s herbal remedy and she has survived over two years after they gave her only a few months. I only wish we knew about this before she was operated on and the cancer spread so drastically. Helen F. Gallagher

DR. CLARK’S RESEARCH ASSOC., SWITZERLAND DR. CLARK HAS LONG SINCE SOLVED THE MALIGNANCY RIDDLE AND EASILY STOPS CANCER. HER CURRENT WORK IS HOW TO FACILITATE SHRINKING TUMORS AND STRENGTHEN PATIENT’S IMMUNITY. SHE SEES ONLY TERMINAL PATIENTS GIVEN UP BY THEIR DOCTORS AND IT IS LITERALLY AMAZING. David P. Amreim, SWitzerland, President, Dr. Clark’s Research Assoc. In 1996, David asked Dr. Clark how could he know her therapy was true. Her answer: “Talk to my patients.” David visited her clinic. A prostate cancer patient’s PSA dropped from 8 to 3.8.

Another told of the amazement of his doctor as he was cancer free. Another described a liver cleanse eliminating hundreds of gallstones. A woman from Finland whose face was deformed by cancer said her growths were shrinking and her pain gone. A man with Parkinson’s disease, to amazement of everyone, was no longer shaking. David’s further investigation convinced him of Dr. Clark’s truths and he fou nded the Dr. Clark Research Assoc. David Amreim: “For the past year I have worked closely with therapists using Dr. Clark’s therapy and hear of results almost daily. Here are just a few of the most recent. A friend was HIV positive, and after the Clark therapy was retested HIV negative. Her doctor, in disbelief, said somethl ng must be wrong with the test because it just can’t be. Fred Vogeli, therapist, SWitzerland, did the Clark therapy with a leukemia patient given one week. rvlonths later, she is home and well. A boy with diabetes since he was four, after only 10 days on the Clark therapy, had normal blood sugar for the first time in years. Uschi Ausfelder, therapist, Germany, had a patient with a large cancerous lung tumor who was scheduled for surgery to remove the lung. After 10 days on the Clark therapy, all symptoms were gone and surgery was cancelled. A therapist in Munich had another HIV positive case turn HIV negative on the Clark therapy. He does not want it promoted as he fears being harassed by the establishment. Yet, it has become an open secret among therapists that it is possible to become HIV negative with the Clark therapy. A woman wrote about her mother who no longer has diabetes.

Two people attended a lecture I gave, one with prostate cancer, the other with diabetes, and both were cured by the Clark therapy. Alan Baklayan, therapist, Munich, treated a boy with diabetes taking 30 units of insulin a day. After two months on the Clark therapy, he is down to 2 units. Dr. Clark has long since solved the malignancy riddle and easily stops cancer. Her current work is how to facilitate shrinking tumors and strengthen the patient’s immunity. She sees only terminal patients given up by their doctors and is doing an amazing job.”

WITHOUT DR. CLARK’S THERAPY FOR MY CANCER THERE WAS NO OTHER HOPE FOR ME am thankful to Dr. Clark for the great contribution she made in the fight against cancer and chronic diseases. There was no other hope for me. I request Dr. Clark’s immediate release so she can continue her valuable work in the service of mankind. Margit Rademann, Germany

I KNOW DR. CLARK HAS HELPED UNTOLD NUMBERS WHOSE LIVES THREATENED BY CANCER I know Dr. Clark has helped untold numbers of people whose lives have been threatened by cancer. Prosecuting her for saving lives and providing humankind with a safe, non-invasive treatment for one of mankind’s worst diseases is, in my judgement, intolerable. Paul Rekstad, CO

DR. CLARK HELPED COUNTLESS CANCER PATIENTS WRITTEN OFF AS HOPELESS BY PHYSICIANS. It is essential to keep treatment options open and not be held hostage by the traditional, drug oriented medicine with more than its share of fraud, imperfection and incompetence. Dr. Clark is a Humanitarian in every sense of the meaning. Paul & Lois Rekstad, WI.

DR. CLARK’S THERAPY CURED AIDS POSITIVE MAN I can tell you that one of our cases agreed to go public with his testimonial. He was a bank executive and was fired due to the fact that his test came out positive for AIDS. Thanks to Dr. Clark’s formulas this man is completely healthy now. And he was cured in less than 9 months. Orlando Mijares, Mexico

WE IN MEXICO HAVE HELPED SEVERAL PEOPLE TO BE CURED FROM AIDS WITH CLARK THERAPY My name is joaquin Senderos and I am a partner of Orlando Mijares. We in Mexico have helped several people get cured from AIDS with Dr. Clark’s book, zapper and recommendations. We pray to God that this injustice be reversed promptly so we can count on her freedom to help people. Joaquin Senderos

OVARIAN CANCER, DOCTORS SAID NOTHING COULD BE DONE TO PREVENT GETTING CANCER AGAIN. NOW ENJOYING GOOD HEALTH This is to all those who are interested in how I am able to enjoy such good health at 65 years! I zap! And give credit to my parents for good genes and to Dr. Clark’s book The Cure for all Diseases. Three years ago my daughter introduced us to Dr. Clark’s book. After surviving ovarian cancer, her doctors told her there was nothing she could do to prevent getting cancer again. She made a decision and took full responsibility for her health. Her research led her to Dr. Clark’s book and Zapper. Witnessing the change in her physically and her bounteous enthusiasm we all got the book and experimented.

DOCTOR SAYS: SUPPRESSION OF LIFE SAVING INFORMATION THAT DR. CLARK SHARES IS AN ABOMINATION TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND GOD The suppression of the life saving information that Dr. Clark shares with the public is an abomination to our constitution and our God. I watched my mother die from the Medical Professions treatment of cancer and the more damage it does to the human body until it finally kills you. My husband was diagnosed