Wrist Pain

Tendons passing through the wrist can become inflamed from the unnatural chemicals produced by fluke parasites in the liver. Using the wrists to work further traumatizes them (injures them) making it harder for them to heal. A small hole between the tendons lets the nerve and blood vessels through into the hand. Fluke parasites also make chemicals that thicken tendons. When tendons at the wrist thicken, they can squeeze down on the nerves and blood vessels until the hand or fingers feel numb. If you have pain at the wrist or numbness in your hands, killing

parasites and cleaning the liver may give you the permanent cure. Wearing a wrist bandage or support can help reduce trauma damage to the wrist while it is healing.
Numbness of hands, without wrist pain, is more often due to a brain problem with parasites and pollutants. Lead, mercury, fluke parasites are the usual culprits.

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