Applying The Wisdom

Reviewed By: Franz Bardon
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

Greetings zapper fans…
I had a friend stop by a few weeks back. We dirped him on the Fscan2, and took a closer look in the range for the HPV that he had at that time. I then plugged in additional frequency sets from Dr. Hulda Clark’s “A Cure For All Diseases” for these…
He zapped for an hour or so on the Fscan 2. This was a Sunday ( I guess you could say we were doing the work of the Lord ;) Within 48 hours on a Tuesday, he called and reported that they had dissappeared. He was also using a cream, but this had never had any success, and certainly had NEVER made them dissappear. He was VERY pleased… imagine that… no more sexual warts or veneral disease. I understand from both academic sources, and from personal experience (friends reporting) that there is an EPIDEMIC of sexually transmitted disease in the United States. Frequency medicine along with the proper protocal are EXCELLENT to eliminate this most cruel and nasty affliction. I can’t say my friend is “cured”, but I can say the warts are GONE.
So, the moral of the story is (no pun intended :) )) if you or a “loved one” has sexually transmitted warts, particularly the HPV there is help, and the little warts can be delt with, and sent back to VIRAL HELL where they belong. (Or do they reincarnate as a tapeworm?)
I laugh, and play, but I am DEAD SERIOUS about the dissappearance of the warts. The frequencies are those listed in Clark’s book “The Cure For All Disease”, and also we ran the hits on the Fscan 2 as well… actually we ran the hits that the DIRP came up with first, and then went in with the precision “bombing” of the HBV …
Mission accomplished.
P.S. it has been over three weeks now,,, and he is still clear of the Genital and anal warts – caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV).
HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States …
Zapping with the Fscan 2 cleared away these monsters, and I am happy my buddy is now “wart free”.

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