Heretic Medicine

Reviewed By: Urinebealiver
Book Name: The Cure for All Diseases

This book complements some information missing in UROPATHY by Martin J. Lara, the best Urine Therapy book ever written and the most heretic medical book available in the world. That book works very well with ” Cure for All Diseases ” by Hulda Regehr Clark, if you unify the teachings of both books what you will have in your hands is an atomic bomb!. Lara’s Universal Remedy or Urine Injections can replace the Clark’s Zapper, and are more effective to kill, control and assimilate malign invader microorganisms. One of the inconveniences of Clark’s remedies is that sometimes are hard to get, difficult to manufacture, and co$t some money. Instead of that Lara recommends free of charge and more simple/powerful healing procedures.

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