Alyce Dold, 64, came because she was worried about her blood sugar and chest pain. Indeed, a blood test showed her fasting blood sugar to be 136, just beginning to show insufficient insulin production by her pancreas. She had pancreatic flukes and wood alcohol there. Also mumps virus and HA virus. She had six more solvents accumulated due to eating raisin bran and other cold cereals each day. She was glad to be forced off this routine: she switched to 2 eggs every other day with biscuits or bread (not toast) and cooked cereal in between. Her chest pain was due to dog heartworm and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that originated at teeth #16, 17, 1, 32. The worms and Staph were killed with a frequency generator. She was referred to a dentist for cavitations and started on kidney herbs. Two weeks later, there was still a little residual heart pain due to Staph; dental work was not yet done. She was given chromium (600 mcg per day) to help her insulin regulate sugar. Her LDH (See tests) was still high from the recent heart stress, no doubt. But she had accomplished a lot and planned to get it all done.

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